About Tasmanian Engine Reconditioning

Tasmanian Engine Reconditioning's impressive machinery inventory includes;


The CWT Multi-Bal 5500 is the best balancing machine available and has been shipped over from the United States.  The balancing machine will now allow us to balance your engine components in-house. The analyzing electronics built into the balancer are state-of-the-art, which allow the machine to give extremely fast and accurate analysis of a crankshaft or rotating part. This allows “real time” updating of the correction requirements. It compliments our existing range of top quality machines that enable us to do the higest quality of work.


The Sunnen SV-10 Vertical Honing Machine that we have purchased is the first one to be imported into Australia, leading the way in advanced technology. The machine is designed with power, precision and durability to deliver start-of-the-art performance and precision. This has added a whole new dimension to the accuracy of honing your block and also a quicker turn around for our loyal and new customers.  Our customers are our number one priority – top quality workmanship is guaranteed.


Our Robbi boring & surfacing machine enables us to accurately bore and deck square to one another. 



       35+ Years Experience



Matthew Rogers worked for Repco for a number of years before the opportunity arose for him to purchase the workshop he worked in.  He has over 37 years experience in Engine Reconditioning and is the best in the field.  He has a passion for re-machining engines and restoring them “to original specifications” as well as “building and modifying V8′s and Japanense high performance engines.”

       More Power


Love your car but would like an extra bit of power??  We love nothing better than modifying your engine from V8’s with Stroker Kits and High Performance Heads to all the Japanese Turbo range including Forged components and modified Cylinder Heads.  We can also modify your engine to be LPG & Unleaded compatible.

       Diesel Engines


Diesel Engines – not a problem.  We can recondition your engine for Commercial, Marine or Industrial use. No job is too big or too small.